Having lost all public confidence, it’s time for Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down

The time has come.

To be fair, it likely came a long time ago, but in an effort not to be lumped in with the conspiracy theorists and partisans, most of us held our tongues and bided our time. Now, it's so glaring and incontrovertible that people of good will and good sense must turn up the pressure on public authorities to demand that Dr. Anthony Fauci resign his post and step down as the chief medical adviser for President Joe Biden.

I say this not out of vengeance or anger.

I say it because we desperately need a voice we can trust and Dr. Fauci has completely lost credibility among a significant portion, if not a majority, of the American people.

The most recent torpedo strike into the port side of the SS Fauci came from Florida, of all places.

For those interested in following the COVID science and not performing in meaningless COVID theatrics, this new data out of the Sunshine State is extraordinarily informative, if not shocking: masking young people in schools is glaringly ineffective.

True, this isn't necessarily new data, as several other examples of similar phenomena have been recorded, but this most recent and most extensive data from Florida is compelling evidentiary support for the World Health Organization's position that masking children is not a wise mitigation strategy. It's also yet another blow to the credibility of Dr. Fauci, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control, all of which continue to be caught offering public health recommendations that are frequently out of touch with reality and data.

While touting lockdowns and mask mandates as two of the most effective mitigation techniques, note what has happened in places like New Brunswick and New Zealand that have implemented them:

Now, compare that to what is happening with the aforementioned Florida which has refused vaccine mandates, passports, and mask mandates:

States that have followed the Fauci-approved messaging on mask mandates, even going the extra mile of mandating them outdoors, have not fared any better than those who have removed all COVID restrictions:

Since the COVID variants began to emerge last summer, outsmarting vaccines and spreading more aggressively than the original strain, more than a few highly credible medical voices noted the pandemic had become endemic. In other words, the only course of action was for humanity to stop trying to hide away from the virus until it disappeared, and instead learn to live with it.

But while more and more virologists and immunologists recommend the same every day…

…Dr. Fauci and his team refuse to acknowledge that truth.

Instead, they persist in clinging to hypocritical theatrics, pretending that an unmasked Obama birthday bash is responsible while an outdoor motorcycle festival is a dangerous super-spreader in the making, or that BLM street protests are safe, but college football games are providing a "feast" for the virus.

And speaking of college football, juxtapose the scene of hundreds of thousands of screaming, maskless fans, packed in like sardines for weeks now at hundreds of college stadiums around the country, and this:

That's crazy. So crazy that Fauci was forced to backtrack the very next day:

All of this has continued compiling in the public consciousness to the point where a concerning number of Americans are not only unpersuaded by Fauci and company's counsel, but a shocking percentage are now thoroughly convinced that they are dishonest. Commentator Erick Erickson observed that very reality recently.

There are more than a few folks these days who are very interested in prosecuting Dr. Anthony Fauci in the courtroom of public opinion, accusing him of nefarious activity, deception, and intentional manipulation when it comes to the way he has executed the extra-constitutional power he has wielded for going on two years.

If I can be honest, I'm so weary of all this overly-politicized pandemic policy, at this point I'd be satisfied if he would just do the right thing and walk away.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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