I always knew A.I. was sexist
· Jun 1, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Job losses associated with artificial intelligence will apparently not be, ah, equitably distributed:

While artificial intelligence is seeding upheaval across the workforce, from screenwriters to financial advisors, the technology will disproportionately replace jobs typically held by women, according to human resources analytics firm Revelio Labs.

"The distribution of genders across occupations reflects the biases deeply rooted in our society, with women often being confined to roles such as administrative assistants and secretaries," said Hakki Ozdenoren, economist at Revelio Labs. "Consequently, the impact of AI becomes skewed along gender lines."

Among the jobs dominated by women and most threatened by A.I. attrition include "payroll and timekeeping clerks," "word processors and typists" and "interpreters and translators."

It's pretty well guaranteed, of course, that many male-dominated professions will be walloped by A.I. in the coming years as well. Federal data show that men are the majority of aerospace engineers and software developers — two fields likely high on the A.I. attrition list.

Of course, men are also the majority of workers in jobs like farmers, firefighters and clergy, jobs not likely under threat from robots anytime soon (hopefully).


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