Oh look, more emails that show Fauci lied to Congress about funding gain-of-function research
· May 30, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Okay, we've told you multiple times now that Anthony Fauci almost certainly lied about gain-of-function research, where scientists modify viruses to make them infectious to humans.

Rand Paul had the receipts, and now Daily Caller has MORE receipts.

If Fauci never funded gain-of-function research, then why the heck did EcoHealth President Peter Daszak, the partner of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, send the NIH an email thanking them for restoring funding for gain-of-function research in 2016?

I'm just going to show you the summary of Daily Caller's in-depth reporting here, but I recommend reading the whole thing for yourself. It is damning for Fauci and NIH.

Basically, this is documenting how EcoHealth Alliance changed the definition of gain-of-function to jump over hurdles put in place to prevent funding of the dangerous research... and how the US government went along with it because bureaucrats like Fauci thought they should be above the law.

There's a very real possibility that the entire Covid pandemic could have been avoided if the letter of the law had been followed and the US didn't fund the research on bat coronaviruses.

From the Daily Caller:

Rutgers University Professor Richard Ebright told the DCNF that the NIAID's May 28, 2016, letter to EcoHealth proves that Fauci was "untruthful in his testimony to Congress" that NIH staff concluded up and down the line that the EcoHealth grant did not include gain of function research.

EcoHealth got this letter from the US government in 2016 telling them that their Wuhan research on bat coronaviruses was concerning because EcoHealth was conducting gain-of-function experiments:

But, surprise, surprise! It seems the red tape cleared super fast for EcoHealth.

"The NIH, incredibly, accepted EcoHealth's belief that this work would not be considered gain of function, and accepted EcoHealth's rationale for this belief, and accepted EcoHealth's policy-noncompliant proposal for a [10 times] allowance for increased viral growth before stopping work and reporting results," Ebright said.

"The NIH, in effect, delegated to EcoHealth Alliance the authority to determine whether its research was, or was not gain of function research subject to the funding pause, the authority to set criteria for the determination, and the authority to over-ride federal policies implemented by the White House in 2014-2017 and by HHS in 2017-present," Ebright added.

Peter Dazak attempted to do damage controls with emails like this one, where he told his colleagues that EcoHealth and partner University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) had no oversight over the "chimera" (gain-of-function) work because it was being conducted in China (a convenient loophole, like it was planned that way).

Dazak said he was trusting Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher Shi Zhengli, who has ties with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military, to tell them if anything unethical happened.

Then, after all that work to make sure that they could retain funding because it wasn't "gain-of-function," thanks to a shady redefinition, Peter Daszak in Wuhan sent the email at the top of this article to NIH.

He literally says, "Thanks for the gain-of-function funding" after writing a proposal arguing that the funding wasn't going to gain-of-function research.

They were all in cahoots to circumvent the law and this likely led directly to the 2020 pandemic.

The health officials in this country are beyond evil.

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