Here it is: The worst tweet of the day. And possibly one of the worst of all time.
· Mar 16, 2021 ·

Feast your eyes on this woke insanity:

Screen shot for when this clownboi inevitably deletes it:

Mr. Griffin, who — don't miss this — has a fancy blue checkmark and is thus Twitter-official, actually tweeted that as a response to a picture of Bill Burr and his lovely black wife. And thought he was being virtuous in doing so. Because he didn't like Burr's hilarious Grammy bit.

"I'm not suggesting Bill Burr is a racist..." Uhh, yeah, that's exactly what you're doing, wokeboi. That's like the whole point of your tweet.

This tweet is a great example of what it means to be a member of Woko Haram. Guerilla terrorism in the name of wokeness. Jihad against white men, reason, and logic. Identity politics is god.

I kinda feel like this guy's profile pic accurately sums up a proper reaction to his own insane tweet:

Speaking of reactions, Bill Burr's wife responded to the tweet...

She did so in the most, uh, Bill-Burr's-wife way imaginable:

Congrats, Clayburn. It's gonna be hard to top this one.


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