Enjoy 97 seconds of Kirk Cameron spittin' straight facts about "tolerance" on TimCast
ยท Feb 23, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

There is hardly a better example of what it means to live a bold Christian life in the modern United States than Kirk Cameron.

Best thing you'll see all day:

If you 'tolerate' the kinds of things that bring misery to your neighbors and ultimately strip them of their liberties, you're not loving them ... You have things like the Just War Theory, you have things like interposition where lower magistrates would interpose themselves against the tyrants. And that's what we have with the Constitution ... we don't tolerate tyranny, either from the outside or the inside and that is a very essential Christian virtue, is to not tolerate that type of thing.

Spittin' straight facts.

If you're gonna cuss me out and your'e gonna steal my coat, I might love you anyway and give you my shirt too. And in doing that, people go - their conscience convicts them and they come back around and go, 'Why do you do that? Why do you live that way?'

But you come after my kids, or you start stripping away my liberties, or you make my neighbors live in poverty and misery so that you can go live on Epstein island? No, I think we shouldn't tolerate that.

Kirk Cameron is my Christian conservative hero.

It would do Christians a world of good to look to godly examples, as Paul says to do, and try to live like them.

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