Here's a rundown of the history-changing decisions still yet to be released by the Supreme Court over the next week
· · Jun 21, 2022 ·

The Supreme Court still has 17 cases that need a ruling before it concludes its current term in late June or early July. That means things are about to get interesting.

The biggest case on the nation's mind is Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the suit that could overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision in this case will truly be historic, not only for the soul of America, but for the seething, warlike reaction of the Left should the issue of child murder be turned back over to the states.

There are seven other big cases that you might not know, but have some important outcomes for Americans. Here's a rundown from the Wall Street Journal:

  1. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen – This case centers around a New York law passed in 1911 that requires citizens to demonstrate "proper cause" and "good moral character" in order to conceal carry a weapon (basically forcing people to prove that they have a need to carry a gun, the requirements of which are set by the state). If the law is overturned, it would be a huge win for the Second Amendment and the constitutional carry movement around 'Murica by challenging such laws in other states.
  2. Carson v. Makin – The government of Maine currently refuses to give public dollars to religious schools in areas where there is no other public school option. If overturned, it would be a huge win for school of choice and allow parents to wrestle back control of education from schools that teach the State's secular, woke religion.
  3. Kennedy v. Bremerton School District – This is a BIG one for religious liberty. Coach Joe Kennedy of Washington state was fired by his district because he had a private, personal prayer on the sidelines after each game, and some players and parents would join him. If the Court upholds his firing, it means your God-given, inalienable right to live out your faith in the public square is destroyed (unless you follow the Cult of Woke).
  4. Biden v. Texas – That's right, Biden sued Texas! Biden wants a flood of Hispanic immigrants to pour into our nation to vote Democrat, which is an interesting strategy considering they are conservative, want big families, believe abortion is bad, and reject the Woke worldview. The Court ruling regards Trump's "Remain in Mexico" program, which keeps unvetted illegal immigrants from being able to disappear into the vast interior of America before their asylum claim is verified and processed.
  5. West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency – West Virginia is arguing that the president should not have the unilateral power to shut down power plants willy nilly. If the state wins, it would be a huge check to the president's ability to circumvent Congress and the states (AKA be a tyrant) by using the EPA to force Americans to do whatever he wants with "climate" as an excuse.
  6. Berger v. North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP – This one has to do with voter ID laws. See, Democrats apparently think black people are too stupid to get ID to prove their identity, and because of that, they think Republicans are actually the ones being racist for thinking we should make sure our elections are fair by simply requiring ID that you have to show at the bank, grocery store, bar, doctor's office, and everywhere else in modern society. You think I'm joking, but a lower court comprised of actual people who passed law school said North Carolina's law targets black voters. If the Court upholds the ID provision, it means we might just have a shot of still being confident in our elections and avoid another civil war.
  7. Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta – This case could grant states power that the president and his executive branch have taken for generations. Currently, crimes committed on Native American territory are tried in federal court, which gives the federal government a lot of power over huge swaths of the country. In 2020, SCOTUS ruled that half of literal Oklahoma is Native American territory, which made things difficult when it comes to prosecuting criminals. Entire Oklahoma neighborhoods are now technically on Native American land. If the Court rules in favor of the state, it would return power to local district attorneys, judges, and juries.

There you have it! There are other cases pending as well, but these are some of the biggest – and they may very well set up the next chapter of America as a free and just nation, or spell her fall into moral decay and tyrannical ruin.

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