No one is reporting what Ron DeSantis actually said in his 2024 announcement last night cuz they want to make fun of him for crashing Twitter, so here are some highlights
· May 25, 2023 ·

Why is no one left or right reporting on what Ron DeSantis said last night on Twitter?

As of my writing, the only outlet out there with any kind of summary is a local Orlando station with a short article here.

Instead, all the media outlets are getting behind Donald Trump (that should tell you something) in teasing DeSantis because hundreds of thousands of listeners caused Twitter Spaces to temporarily crash last night, which is a weird flex but whatever.

Even conservative outlets like the DailyWire are leading with the tech issues:

Why the media blackout? Well, I think I know, but that's not what this article is about, so if you didn't get a chance to listen, here's Ronny D's 7-minute speech, along with clips from the Q&A where average people got to ask DeSantis serious questions in a format that was way more open and transparent than the loaded debates and interviews with cable news.


Okay, now for a few great questions that were pitched to the governor. Steve Deace asked DeSantis about all the political slogans we've heard that sounded really cool but led to little action once the candidate was elected:

Here's DeSantis talking about the "book ban" the media has accused him of, comparing him to Hitler (because of course).

DeSantis also talked about redoing the accreditation scheme that has been hijacked by woke cultists in every institution of America:

Because everyone is being recalcitrant to upload soundbites, some more good clips come with DeSantis' followup on woke Fox News. You can watch that thread here:

And for DeSantis's part, he joked about breaking the internet as well:

If you want the full 1-hour Twitter Spaces broadcast to listen to, you can find it here.

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