Here's the guy who beat up R. Kelly in prison
· Nov 1, 2020 ·

Does this look like the face of a man who would beat the tar out of a pedophile in prison?

Yes. Yes it does.

This "Latin King enforcer" named Jeremiah Farmer (lol what) was just sentenced to life for "fatally bludgeoned two Hammond auto mechanics 21 years ago."

He denied committing the murders but admitted to beating up Kelly in prison.

Mr. Tat Man said he "was forced to assault Robert Kelly in a desperate attempt to gain media coverage ... and get media help to prove my innocence."

Yeah OK buddy.

But why, you might ask, did this fellow feel the need to bludgeon two lowly auto mechanics to death?

Prosecutors said Farmer later told fellow gang members the victims might have seen a shooting he committed for the Latin Kings and they talked to police too much. Hammond police often used the body shop for squad car repairs.

Nozick wrote in his memo that Farmer also made the "chilling" statement that it "felt...good to hit someone and ‘feel their bones break' and ‘jaw and teeth shatter,' and that he hit someone so hard that their eyeball fell out."

How R. Kelly is still alive is beyond me, honestly.

P.S. Traditionally, in gang culture, a teardrop face tattoo indicates a murder committed by the person who has it. Look how many this dude has.

ALSO: If the face tats and brutal murders weren't enough ... dude is bald as can be and puts what little donut-hair he has left in braids. Pure psychopath.

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