Here’s the Southern Poverty Law Center’s plan to brainwash your kids into good little comrades
· Feb 9, 2021 ·

The Southern Poverty Law Center wants to re-educate your kids.

See, you're probably an alt-right domestic terrorists who teaches your kids racist things like "love your neighbor" and "don't judge by the color of a person's skin but by the content of their character," along with transphobic hogwash like "God created us male and female."

If we know one thing in 2021, it's that hard-working men and women who attend church, remain faithful to one spouse, have kids, and teach biblical values to said kids are the problem with society.

Such evil cannot stand in an era of hEaLinG and uNity.

The SPLC has a plan to wash those silly notions of God, liberty, and objective truth out of your kiddos' brains. They are calling on President Biden to weaponize the Department of Education to push "curriculum on structural racism" in schools across the land.

"Americans can only dismantle white supremacy if they understand how racism shaped (and continues to shape) housing, education, policing, health care and other policies and practices that affect our everyday lives," they said in their annual "Year of Hate Report."


Speaking of "hate" and "extremism" (hint: you are an extremist), they also said "it is much better to prevent these criminal acts in the first place."

Part of this initiative would include the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" program, which it just rebranded "Learning for Justice" (since "tolerance" is a word that's been destroyed by the Left.)

"We are called as educators, justice advocates, caregivers and students to reimagine and reclaim our education system so that it is inclusive and just," said Jalaya Liles Dunn, the Learning for Justice director. "In shifting from Teaching Tolerance to Learning for Justice, we're offering an urgent call to action: We must learn, grow and wield power together."

My, my. "Wield power together?" Doesn't Dunn know that there is only one Lord of the Rings, and he does not share power?

Here's PJ Media with some super hateful commentary about this program and education in America in general:

"Education should not be about 'wielding power' but about teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic — and training kids to think freely and be good citizens."

If you're wondering if this is a fringe program, it's not: the SPLC boasts that over 500,000 educators use their materials.

What does that practically look like? Well, I recently received an email from my kids' school saying they are integrating "racial equity" curriculum to fourth graders this year, with the plan to have even preschoolers studying this stuff by next year.

I do not live in SoCal. I live in a pretty darned conservative corner of 'Murica. That's how deep this gunk is entrenched.

If you want, feel free to turn off your computer or phone now and hit your head against the wall as you ponder the state of our nation.

Or, I might suggest messaging your children's school and let it be known that at least a few parents will not go quietly into that communistic, liberty-destroying night:

  • Tell them that this curriculum is virulently racist in its very attempt to address racism.
  • Tell them it is dismissive and harmful to the diverse blend of individuals who don't fit neatly inside an intersectional checkbox.
  • Tell them how group "equity" decimates individual liberty and breeds resentment by teaching one group that they are incurably sinful while puffing up another.
  • Tell them that it revises our history in a reductionist way that negates the amazing work of so many people of color who went before.
  • Tell them it gives us no hope for a better world outside of striving to "do better."
  • Tell them that we all come from a long line of both heroes and abusers, oppressed and oppressor.
  • Tell them that such curriculum throws aside the tapestry of human complexity and creates new identity maxims, hoping to reshape the world in a more "equitable," but less kind, less merciful, and less understanding way.
  • Tell them that this material instills guilt instead of grace, and that there can be no reconciliation or no unified future under such a creed.
  • Tell them that you will stand in the gap and petition ceaselessly for education to be about liberty, fraternity, and diversity of both people and thought.

Tell them this material is harmful, bigoted, oppressive, intolerant, and wrong.

Tell them you aren't going away.


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