Here’s the suspect who was arrested after the mass shooting in Atlanta yesterday. The story gets way crazier.
· Aug 23, 2022 ·

On Monday afternoon, reports of an active mass shooting in Atlanta made headlines and America braced for the worst.

After all, the media had wall-to-wall coverage of a white hillbilly who shot up an Atlanta Asian massage parlor in 2021, an incident that launched long articles on the scourge of white supremacy and the need for gun control.

I imagine we won't see the same level of coverage after police caught the newest suspect in this new mass shooting:

The suspect, Raissa Kengne, is a black female professional who worked as an information security auditor for a major accounting firm in downtown Atlanta. She describes herself on LinkedIn as having "over ten years of combined experience in Information Technology (IT) auditing, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, IT due diligence, restructuring, financing, real estate transactions, estate tax planning for high net worth individuals, private companies and public companies across several industries."

She allegedly shot three people, two of whom have died. The deceased, Michael Shinners, 60, and Wesley Freeman, 41, were both former colleagues listed as defendants on a legal complaint that was filed in May by Kengne.

She alleged that both men, and her former employer at large, had broken into her apartment to steal files and hack her computer after she filed a whistleblower report of the company with the SEC to detail criminal violations.

Here are some of her posts on LinkedIn:

More on the legal complaint she filed from The Independent:

"This case concerns the retaliation, persecution, harassment, intimidation, threats, burglary, computer hacking, phone spoofing, and other attacks the Plaintiff was subjected to upon reporting to the relevant authorities a violation of [various finance laws]," the complaint reads.

She also posted this video of her talking to the Atlanta police, who seemed to give her the runaround (notice how people are framing this as the police's fault because the system failed her):

One post specifically named her former colleague Wesley Freeman, disparaging his work and accusing him of fraud. Other posts alleged that the company had conspired with her apartment building manager to break into her home and "delete evidence".

Apparently, Kengne went to her former employer the day before the shooting and had some kind of incident that led to this exchange with a security officer where she said, "Whatever happens, happens."

The rabbit hole is deep on this one.

There is no way at this time to confirm if Kengne's former employer was actually a corrupt firm that burgled her home to stop investigations into their shenanigans, or if she was a scorned woman with paranoia who went full scorched earth. These types of things are much easier to figure out when you are watching a movie.

But here's the thing: This case is intriguing as heck. It should dominate the news cycle far more than the redneck who shot up an illicit massage parlor because he was angry about his sex addiction.

But because the alleged shooter in this new case is black, and because our media only cares about skin color and not truth, I don't think we'll hear much about this riveting and horrific tale in the months to come.

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