Very good doggy barks at 3 AM to save Florida man from house fire
· · Aug 10, 2021 ·

We interrupt our regular coverage of raging dumpster fires to bring you this house fire story with a happy ending.

It was 3 AM on July 28 when Joel Rosa of Orange County, Florida was awakened by his dog Maggie's barking. But this was one of those times where being awakened at 3 AM is a good thing.

"She woke me up at like 3 in the morning, barking like, you know, and then I wake up, and I heard the noise on the roof," Rosa said. "So I came outside from the porch upstairs, and I look on the right side, I see the fire.

"It was really scary, really scary because I'm trying to — at the beginning, I thought that I can stop it myself, even from outside."

The fire rescue spokesperson said "the fire was through the roof." 😳

"We believe it was a lightning strike from yesterday's storms that hit the house, and that lightning festered inside the roof," the spokesperson said. "This is a 7,000-square-foot home. It's a very large home, and it was 80 percent involved with flames. So the homeowner should definitely thank his pet for waking him up."

Now, this is something I don't say often, but thank God for that dog's barking. Lord knows how this would've ended if Maggie hadn't barked!

"Oh, she's my hero," Rosa said. "I love my dog, and you know, it's amazing. It is. I would say she saved my life."

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