Hey woke corporations, you might want to check out this poll about popular support for voter ID laws
· Apr 15, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Hey you! Yes, you: the woke corporate bigwig who's drunk on the Kool-aid of intersectional wokism.

Remember how you think voter ID laws are racist? You know, apparently because you believe black people are too poor and dumb to figure out how to get an identification card?

Remember how you just pulled a major-league game worth $100 million to local businesses out of a black-majority city and put it in white-as-the-moon Denver?

Yeah, you might want to take a look at this poll before you strong-arm more politicians and grovel at the feet of the woke mob:

That's right: 62% of Americans don't think voter ID laws discriminate in any way, shape, or form. Only 29% do believe they discriminate against some people, and I'm going to guess many of them are those who can't find other countries on a map or name the first U.S. president.

In addition, the poll notes that 51% of voters believe that cheating – otherwise known as the forbidden phrase "election fraud" – changed the outcome of the election.

Even more importantly, the vast majority of these people – 35% overall – think it's very likely that cheating changed the outcome of the election.

Here's the bottom line: people don't like cheating. Whether it's my kid's little league or an election that determines who gets the launch codes, confidence in the rules is the literal foundation of the game.

It's one thing for fans to get upset at a referee's call. It's another to know the rules won't be enforced – or even worse, that they'll be changed to benefit one team entirely.

In case the woke corporate suits don't see it, the prospects for a nation where there is no fair competition are dire. As C.S. Lewis wrote, without a standard and the ability to debate fairly about that standard, men resort to fighting like animals:

"It looks, in fact, very much as if both parties had in mind some kind of Law or Rule of fair play or decent behavior or morality or whatever you like to call it, about which they really agreed. And they have. If they had not, they might, of course, fight like animals, but they could not quarrel in the human sense of the word. Quarreling means trying to show that the other man is in the wrong. And there would be no sense in trying to do that unless you and he had some sort of agreement as to what Right and Wrong are; just as there would be no sense in saying that a footballer had committed a foul unless there was some agreement about the rules of football."

Here are a few more insights for Woka-Cola, Delta, and the other companies that think they're on "the right side of history" regarding voter ID and election integrity:

  • "74% of Republicans believe it is likely last year's presidential election was affected by cheating, a view shared by 30% of Democrats and 51% of voters not affiliated with either major party."
  • "Only 22% of voters say it is currently too hard to vote, while 34% said it's too easy to vote, and 41% say the level of difficulty in voting is about right."
  • "Majorities of all racial groups – 59% of whites, 56% of Blacks and 63% of other minority voters – say it is more important to make sure there is no cheating in elections than to make it easier to vote."
  • "Likewise, majorities of all racial groups – 64% of whites, 59% of Blacks and 58% of other minority voters – reject the claim that voter ID laws discriminate against some voters."

The poll noted that its President Biden's "strongest supporters" who are "least likely to say preventing cheating in elections is a higher priority."

These are the "factually inaccurate but morally right" folks who think their cheating is justified because they're saving the most prosperous nation in history from something like gradual climate change, bacon, or freedom.

But the vast majority of us dislike cheaters and don't want to give our money to people who support cheaters.

Maybe keep that in mind, woke execs, the next time you base your bottom line on the assumptions that black people are ignorant and conservatives are racist.


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