Hilarious! Allie Beth Stuckey Trolls The "Anti-Racist" Left By Parroting Their Talking Points In An Anti-Grooming Message
· Apr 11, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Allie Beth Stuckey, aka Dr. Ali X. Stucki, continues to trigger the radical lefties by mocking the language of anti-racism and appropriating to the child groomer debate.

This video is hilarious and 100% spot on.


Welcome to our DEI training. DEI stands for "Don't entice infants".

From the first line, you know that this video is gonna be a banger.

The appropriation of the left's language shows how ridiculous their claims ACTUALLY are, and it also shows how important the anti-groomer message is.

It's not enough to be "not a groomer" one must be actively anti-grooming. And really those who are defending themselves against accusations of grooming are expressing their groomer fragility. This is just evidence that they are a groomer.

I mean, if this doesn't nail down lefties, I don't know what does.

Of course, no one on the right thinks that EVERYONE on the left is a groomer.

However, EVERYONE on the radical anti-racist left thinks that ALL white people are racist. And if you deny it, that's proof.

So, how can they say that is untrue when it comes to grooming?

It's really important that you get educated on this, but also don't ask those of us who are doing the work in this sphere to educate you. We've already expended too much energy doing that.

She gets into even the deepest talking points of the anti-racist groups. She equates their defund the police movement to public schools, and she also talks about the importance of intact nuclear families.

This video was produced after a Twitter thread from Stuckey on the same subject went viral earlier last week.




Brava, Allie!

And she's right. Everyone reading this needs to do better.

Do better.


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