'WOKE COKE' Hipsters now want 'ethically sourced' cocaine 🙃
· · Jun 30, 2021 · NottheBee.com

No, "woke coke" isn't about the fizzy-drink company taking a stance on social justice issues (again) – it's actually about cocaine.

Brits are now paying £200 (approx. $300) per gram, which is apparently about four times the normal amount for what they call "ethically sourced" cocaine.

Because you know, hipsters love having their products come with a good cause.

If you're thinking, "But how is it possible to have an environmentally-friendly sniff?"

Well, it turns out you can't.

Theses hipsters are getting duped.

According to drug experts, there is no such thing as environmentally-friendly "woke coke." It's all just a clever marketing tactic.

Drug policy expert Neil Woods told the Mirror, "At £200 a gram, I call it the ‘woke coke con.'"

"The dealers can lie because the government has no control and they are being increasingly clever about how they operate. The amount of money being made is obscene – the cocaine industry generates around £2.5billion annually in the UK."

Head of Drug Threat at the UK's National Crime Agency, Lawrence Gibbon, explained that violence and destruction is inevitable when it comes to the cocaine trade:

"…Violence and exploitation in source countries to young and vulnerable people on the streets of the UK put at significant risk… Harmful elements of the cocaine trade cannot be avoided – forests are being destroyed and hazardous chemicals used to produce the drugs are dumped in waters."

Back in October, a former actress named Davina Taylor talked about woke coke and how it's been all the rave.

"In Chiswick everyone's got woke coke – it's from ‘sustainable sources' in South America. They're like, ‘Hi, darling, I've got woke coke. It's all PC, £200 a gram'. They've got their vegan food, their organic wine and their woke coke and a spliff going… They say, ‘It's fine, it's fine, I know it's sustainable, we're actually putting back into the countryside'. When you look back on the hypocrisy, it's bulls**t."


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