Hoax confirmed: Excavation of Canada’s Native American “child mass graves” reveals zero bodies. Remember all the churches that burned?
· Aug 31, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Remember when there were questions about the mass graves of Native American children at assimilation schools in British Colombia?

They were the graves that Justin Trudeau ordered Canadian flags at half-mast because of, and that Pope Francis apologized for on behalf of the Catholic Church.

The graves that were discovered with ground penetrating technology but not actually excavated?

The graves that caused a bunch of mostly white activists, all thoroughly woke, to quite literally burn down churches?

(The count is now up to 83 and an interactive map is here)

Well, they excavated the graves at one supposed location, and guess what they found.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

There were no bodies, no graves; the whole thing was a sham.

Here's Chief Derek Nepinak of the Niegoziibe Anishinabe announcing the news:

It's worth noting that to date, there have been no graves discovered anywhere in Canada showing that Christian churches and schools were murdering native children. Graves of children found at these sites consistently show death from common diseases at the time, such as tuberculosis and typhoid.

As to the claim that the native children were ripped from their parents' arms to be Christianized at the schools:

It is claimed that 150,000 students were "forced" to attend the residential schools and there have been many heart-rending descriptions of them being torn from the arms of their parents, particularly Cree artist Kent Monkman's famous painting of missionaries and mounted police snatching Indigenous children from their mothers, but it is a complete fiction. As Flanagan writes, it's "a fever dream of the imagination." School attendance by Indigenous children was only made compulsory in 1920 for the same reason that that rule was applied to all other children. The majority of Indigenous schoolchildren attended day schools, and those who attended residential schools only did so after applications were signed by a parent or guardian. A great many of these application forms are publicly available through government archives, and have been conspicuously ignored by those who find them inconvenient to their zealous myth-making. Out of this farrago of malicious nonsense came the self-addressed blood libel of a genocide perpetrated against First Nations.

Cheif Nepinak says that he fears the results may fuel denialist accounts, but they mean nothing and do not take away from the events that occurred at the schools.

Of course, that isn't quite correct.

It does take away the narrative that the priests and nuns at the school mass-murdered a bunch of native children and buried their corpses in unmarked graves.

It does take away the credibility of the insane justice warriors pointing their fingers at churches and Western history, laying this made-up atrocity at their door, and screaming about how God's people are evil.

And that's not "nothing."

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