Great news: Homeschooling is officially America's "fastest-growing form of education" ๐Ÿ’ช
ยท Nov 1, 2023 ยท

After years of absurd school closures, insane mask-and-vaccine requirements, and too much woke insanity to count โ€” well, are you really surprised by this? I don't think you are.

Home schooling has become โ€” by a wide margin โ€” America's fastest-growing form of education, as families from Upper Manhattan to Eastern Kentucky embrace a largely unregulated practice once confined to the ideological fringe, a Washington Post analysis shows.

That "largely unregulated practice," is of course merely the act of families educating their own children.

You know, like nearly everyone did before these last two centuries.

And when they say "unregulated" what they mean is that the people who are running government schools, which produce largely poor results, are unable to tell parents to teach to their failed standards.

Sure, it's "unregulated." So are family dinners and trips to the playground. Do we really need to act as if it's this big scary land of anarchy out there?

In any event, it's true: Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds. Where it could find data, WaPo gathered absolutely stunning metrics on the rise in homeschooling in states around the country:

Look at those numbers. A whopping 78% in California. Fully 103% in New York. A scale-tipping 108% in Washington, D.C.

Ford Ecoline makers have to be pumping their fists in the air with this news!

I'm trying to put my finger on just what these surges have in common. Are they taking place in states in which public schools are run by money (and power-hungry teachers' unions) in which students are largely second thoughts at best, and in which the quality of education is poor and is constantly getting poorer?

Imagine that! The Post, meanwhile, notes that the surge in homeschooling is crossing effectively all demographic lines, sometimes with regional rate increases that are positively mind-blowing:

The number of home-schooled kids has increased 373 percent over the past six years in the small city of Anderson, S.C.; it also increased 358 percent in a school district in the Bronx.

The Post is right: Homeschooling was once "confined to the ideological fringe." But growing technology, social acceptance, and the dogged efforts of groups like the Home School Legal Defense Association have pushed it to the forefront of American education.

Those numbers, the paper writes, are "a remarkable expansion for a form of instruction that 40 years ago was still considered illegal in much of the country."

I don't think it's really remarkable when you consider just how awful modern education - even much of private education - has gotten. It's actually a pretty predictable outgrowth!

If you want to know why there's a sudden push against homeschooling and how the Left is aiming their guns in its direction Auron MacIntyre just had a whole podcast about it, responding to John Oliver (the video was removed from YouTube, of course).

To all homeschoolers out there: You are officially on the cutting edge. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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