Hong Kong police arrest publishers of children's book comparing communist regime to wolves

Jul 23rd

You know the greatest way to prove you aren't a wolf among sheep?

Tear said sheep to pieces for creating a children's book that criticizes you:

Hong Kong's national security police say five people arrested over the publication of a children's picture book featuring sheep and wolves were trying to stir up hatred against the city's government.

Senior Superintendent Steve Li told a press conference on Thursday the books attempted to simplify "political issues not comprehensible by children" and to "beautify illegal behaviour." The book disparaged "kind-hearted" sheep as well as the wolves, he said.

That's right. a senior superintendent of a national security police force spent time during a press conference to discuss why the publishers of a children's book were hauled off to the gulag.

Anyone who still believes Hong Kong is free or that China ever had the intentions of letting the former British city remain independent are seriously kidding themselves.

Police said the chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary, and treasurer of the General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists were among the five arrested on Thursday morning. Police seized around 550 children's books, and a large quantity of leaflets, computers and mobile phones.

The contents in question included three children's books based on the anti-extradition bill protests, the 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists arrested as they tried to flee the territory by speedboat to Taiwan, and a brief strike by hospital workers calling for the border with mainland China to be completely sealed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you don't see the parallels between this and censorship happening in the U.S., you should probably pick up a history book or think hard about the hardwired human nature you share.

Look at how the police call these books "seditious" as an example:

Li said the first book, Guardians of the Sheep Village, compared sheep to Hong Kong people and wolves to mainland Chinese people. Displaying the books for the press, he said the main point was that the wolves in sheep's clothing made the lives of the sheep worse.

"The book also introduced that the sheep had to use their horns to attack. A sheep is such a kind-hearted animal, and they [producers of the book] have to say that it has some attack ability, and has to commit some violent acts," said Li.

Obviously, this book is trying to incite children to kill their neighbors. Such dangerous extremism and misinformation must be immediately silenced.

Li said these dangerous people were trying to "corrupt the minds of 4 to 7-yr-olds" by turning them against their wise and benevolent government. The arrested face two years in prison.

This is the clown show known as "Marxism," people.

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