"TORTURE": See harrowing photos from U.S. crisis pregnancy centers where women are given resources, support, and love so that they won't abort their babies
· Jul 13, 2022 · NottheBee.com

We are fortunate enough to have senators like the great Elizabeth Warren, who this week warned us of the creeping danger of crisis pregnancy centers—those terrible places where scared mothers can go for support, help, diapers, clothes and other resources for themselves and their babies.

"You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that."

Yes, we know, it's a truly horrifying thing to contemplate: Desperate women receiving compassion, free health care, free onesies, free lactation consultations. Could anything be more unthinkably awful?

Well, thanks to the work of intrepid, daring journalists around the country, we've obtained first-look images of these houses of help, so that the world may be able to see what's happening in them.

Be warned: The following images contain depictions of various types of infant clothes, pairs of shoes, even (trigger warning) pamphlets.


Folks, it's enough to make you sick to your stomach.

But that's not all. It would be easy to do so, but we should not look away:

Just absolutely terrifying. Whatever you do, don't donate time or money or materials to these wonderful, beautiful, life-saving initiatives. Elizabeth Warren is counting on you!

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