Horror story: Teen boy dies in "gender-affirming" operation where doctors tried to create fake vagina using part of his colon
· Apr 25, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Doesn't "gender-affirming" care and surgery just sound so nice and pleasant?

It sounds so nice and friendly when it's framed in that euphemistic way, doesn't it?

Well, here's what "gender affirmation" looks like in REALITY:

[Warning: Graphic discussion ahead and all throughout this article]

Mengele would shudder.

This took place in the Netherlands, one of the most gender-affirming and gender-neutral countries there is.

The doctors went in to give a teenage boy a vaginoplasty, meaning a fake vagina. Normally, they would split the boy's penis in half and fashion it into a sort of fake female genitalia, but this boy was given hormones and puberty blockers at such a young age that he didn't have much of a developed penis to work with.

So, the experimental butchers--I mean doctors!--took a piece of the young man's colon in order to complete the procedure.

The doctors say the earlier the better when it comes to starting puberty blockers. However, it causes the later surgery, which is always encouraged in "affirmative care," to become complicated.

The investigation into the young person's death revealed that the deadly strain of E-Coli most likely came from the patient's own intestines, not from the hospital setting, meaning that the more risky vaginoplasty surgery necessary due to early puberty suppression almost certainly caused the fatality.

These are the leading experts in this field and they killed a mentally disturbed young man by poisoning him when using his colon and part of his intestine to plaster on a fake vagina.

These doctors belong in jail.

They claim these surgeries lead to a better quality of life (numerous studies show they don't).

In actuality, it's a life of continual surgeries and complications that only serves to further enrich the doctors, therapists, and gender clinicians that started the young person on this path in the first place.

The whole thing is sick and twisted beyond understanding

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