How bad is the homeless problem in liberal cities? Bad enough to map.
· Jun 24, 2023 ·

Progressive cities have let their homeless problems get so out-of-hand that you can see it from space.

Okay, not quite. But it's bad enough that, in Austin at least, one fellow literally made a map out of it:

Liberal policies have led to a shocking explosion in homeless camps across the state capital, with around 168 different homeless camps across the city and 10,000 people living on the streets, sources tell The Post.

The illegal camps have been visited and mapped by local filmmaker Jaime Hammonds and show how out of control Austin's homeless crisis has become.

The scale of the problem is just astonishing when it's visualized:

And yes, these camps are health hazards, safety hazards and eyesores:

This, of course, is what happens when a city elects to do absolutely nothing about a basic crisis it could easily fix. This is not the kind of thing you expect to see in developed, moneyed, First World countries. It's the sort of problem that can be addressed with even a modest amount of proactive civic determination. It wouldn't take much to fix.

The problem is, Democrat-run cities don't want to fix the problem. They are unwilling to address their homeless crises because they don't consider them crises at all. They like it this way.

Why do you think that is?


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