How is Kamala so bad at saying words?
· Mar 17, 2023 ·

See if you can get through this 2-minute clip of Kamala speaking to Howard's basketball team yesterday without doing the Joker's magic pencil trick on yourself:

Guys, Howard got blown out by almost 30 points and then had to endure that. 😭

I am genuinely shocked by how someone can be so bad at speaking words. Is there an official medical condition for being communication-impaired? How is it possible that this woman is our vice president?

Why does she speak to everyone like she's talking to a class of first-graders?

What is with those awkward, contrived, out-of-place, alien-like gesticulations?

Why does she always appear heavily medicated?

Why does she always sound like she's trying to give a report on a book she didn't read?

And then when she switches in and out of her fake urban accent. 😭

Does she really not know how embarrassing that clip is? SHE TWEETED IT!

LOL you can see some of the players' reactions in that clip:

Yeah guys, same. Same.

Things are already so bad with Joe Biden in charge. God help us if he croaks while in office.

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