I guess we all need to start talking about "Yellow Privilege" now as our friends to the north try to one-up us in the intersectionality sweepstakes.

Dec 1st

We've already discussed "Asian supremacy" here earlier, so this would be the next logical step in an illogical world. Naturally, it appears to have sprung from the fertile grounds of academia, specifically the University of British Columbia (UBC).

A few things first regarding the provenance of this document. I think it's important that as we find things on the Internet and get swept up in the "hot take," that we take a moment to exercise some incredulity.

The document appears to be from a "Residence Advisor" (like an "RA" or "Residential Assistant," an upperclassman who helps dorm residents (virtual, I suppose) in exchange for some modest compensation) at UBC.

I was able to track down the document with some Twitter help (thank you, Dani), to a Reddit post in which the user said he had received this email.

While the identifying information is redacted, this was done later by the Reddit poster. I was able to dig up the original that had the Residence Advisor's name and email address, however, I was unable to confirm the email address which appears to be invalid. I was able to confirm the name, or at least link it to a profile that appears elsewhere and is consistent with what we know from the email. If I'm correct, he is an upperclassman at UBC majoring in political science and international relations and is himself Asian.

As for the Reddit poster, he apparently created the account in order to have somewhere to post the document as the account is only a few days old, and this is the only post made under the username (so far), which itself is only a few days old.

I checked these things because these are the kinds of red flags I look for. That said, everything above is not necessarily inconsistent with the document being genuine. It has been in circulation for several days and the originator of it might have deleted or changed his email.

And that someone would receive something that bothered them and then felt compelled to create an account to spread it on social media is not all that unusual, particularly if you want to do it anonymously and keep it off your regular social feeds. The Reddit feed, including the exchanges, all feel genuine. If it's a deep fake, it's an excellent one.

Finally, the document is completely consistent with what is going on at UBC, an institution apparently overrun by wokiopaths.

(Fun fact, the suffix "path" means "suffering" or "disease.")

As far as the document goes, the real outrage here is not how outrageously outrageous it is. It's how consistent it is with the current craziness we see once we fully understand how deep racial identity and intersectionality has embedded itself in academic culture.

Take the term, "yellow privilege."

Stephen Chang of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, wrote a paper nearly five years ago titled, yes, "Yellow Privilege."

"This Paper is the first to propose that just as whites benefit from a set of invisible advantages known as white privilege, certain Asian-American groups benefit from similarly invisible advantages which I term yellow privilege. Yellow privilege is comprised of very real advantages to East Asians such as protections under the criminal law. Yet, it is incomplete, a product of geography, space, and profession, that exists only in certain situations. I argue that Asian-American groups must recognize yellow privilege in order to more honestly participate in a larger community of social justice by recognizing our own internal privileges, while also recognizing the limits of our privilege in a white-dominated society."

How is this any different from what this apparent student circulated? Very little, in fact, he quotes Chang's work from above.

The "Model Minority?" That's a thing, too.

"A model minority is a minority demographic (whether based on ethnicity, race or religion) whose members are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than the population average, thus serving as a reference group to outgroups."

You need examples freighted with underlying assumptions, grand generalities, cherry-picked anecdotes, nonsequiturs, and pseudo-science? We've got those, too.

The outrage here should not be with this kid, everything in this document is vanilla wokism and consistent with critical race theory. I hate to say it, but there's nothing new here, not if you've spent any time on a college campus lately.

That doesn't mean we should yawn and ignore it. Quite the opposite.

The outrage you should rightly feel should be directed at a system that poisoned his mind and countless tens of thousands of others with this divisive, explicitly racist, collectivist nonsense.

Western society faces many battles in the future, but the most pernicious are the internal ones. Yes, Rome fell to the "barbarians" to the north, but it had been rotting from within for a while first.

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