"I was part of the problem": Read Megyn Kelly's apology for participating in the trans insanity
· Mar 23, 2024 · NottheBee.com

It's inevitably a major disappointment when a well-known and highly visible public figure embraces transgender ideology. It's always a loss for rationality and reason and a win for insanity and destruction.

So it's refreshing whenever one of those folks makes inroads back to Team Reality — as Megyn Kelly did last year and continues to do:

The onetime-Fox host last summer announced that she will no longer abide by the nonsense of "preferred pronouns:

Now, this month, on her personal website, she shares her further rejection of this dangerous ideology:

Remember that segment I did about my position on preferred pronouns last summer? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and especially today after my conversation with detransitioner Isabelle Ayala and her attorney Jordan Campbell.

Isabelle shared that she started cross-sex hormones at 14 years old. Even though she stopped treatment, she said she knows she'll never be the same. Her bone structure is compromised. She is experiencing vaginal atrophy and irregular periods. She is not sure if she is going to be able to have children.

This is, unfortunately, standard stuff for the victims of transgenderism: Their bodies are left in ruin, their futures uncertain, their lives full of physical and mental anguish.

Kelly herself noted that as a host at NBC in 2018 she did segments on "transgender" kids, one in which she hewed to the reigning orthodoxy on the topic:

I used approved terms like ‘gender affirming care' for medicinal gender manipulations, ‘cis' to refer to natural born women and men, ‘assigned male at birth' instead of ‘born male.' I smiled and listened politely as a guest told me 'gender is just a social construct.' I wanted to be supportive of those who were suffering. I would use this more evolved language. I didn't see the harm.

Here's one of those segments:

Rough stuff. Supporting this kind of zeitgeist only leads to ruined children, ruined families, ruined lives.

And to her great credit, Megyn Kelly now understands it:

I am kind of emotional about it now because I look at Isabelle and what was done to her. I realize I was part of this problem. My heart was in the right place. I wasn't trying to push anything bad on kids. I thought I was being supportive of them. I thought I was promoting anti-bullying. I am not a regretful person, but I just have such regret about it.

Here's the kicker, from Kelly:

If you're not actively fighting against this, you are part of the problem.


"You are hurting people like Isabelle - people who are vulnerable, who have been hurt," Kelly writes. "You have to fight whether it is a donation, or using your voice, or retweeting support for people like Isabelle and Jordan."

"Do it. Do something," she writes:

Please don't protect yourself, and don't be lured into thinking it's empathetic to support this radical experimentation on minors.

Well said, Megyn.

She's 100% right. If you've been tricked into thinking this is a good, compassionate, moral thing to support, you have been fooled. Transgenderism is a violent, degrading ideology that is causing little children (and adults) to poison themselves and ruin their bodies. It's horrific at every level. It deserves to be rejected wholesale.

If you've supported it thus far, there's no reason you can't stop now. Don't waste any more time or energy on something that is ruining so many lives.

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