If you miss your payments on Ford's latest self-driving car then it will repossess itself and drive away without you
· Feb 28, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This basically feels like a parody of self-driving technology except that it's 100% real:

Ford is not taking any chances with owners missing car payments - the company is working on a system that prompts the vehicle to repossess itself.

A newly awarded patent describes a car self-driving back to the showroom or a scrapyard if the owner does not answer messages about their delinquent account.

Wait wait wait — the showroom "or a scrapyard?" What??

If the car is high in mileage, the patent notes it would drive itself to the scrapyard to be recycled.

Just amazing. A car that destroys itself.

Before it gets to that grim point, however, Ford will be nice enough to give you a little leeway:

The American carmaker would start the process by disabling 'comfort features,' playing noises inside the car and limiting where the vehicle can drive.

If all else fails, Ford will activate the self-driving feature and the owner has no choice but to give up the car.

Just imagine: You make an innocent mistake, you fail to put your new debit card on the payment plan, you forget a payment, and then one morning you go out to drive to work and your car is literally carjacking itself and driving away.

I, uh, think I will stick with the good old-fashioned non-self-driving vehicles, thank you.


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