Here's the saga of the Democrat who pulled a fire alarm on Capitol Hill before a vote, then said he thought it would open a door 🥴 ... Let's look at the laws he broke
· Oct 2, 2023 ·

Most of you probably avoided clown world this weekend - everyone needs a few days off from the constant reminder that their rulers are a bunch of wicked clowns who only care about wars halfway around the world and/or pushing to trans the kids that survived the abortion mills.

So if you missed Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm right before the House voted to keep the government funded for another 45 days, you'd be forgiven.

Yes, he pulled a fire alarm. One of those giant red boxes that say "FIRE" on it.

Jamaal is a former principal. But according to him, he didn't know what it was because the only way to avoid the truth that he's a crazy person is that he's an idiot.

As usual, the media circled the wagons without asking any serious questions:

This is like an inverse "lunatic, liar, or lord" scenario from CS Lewis.

Bowman's official excuse is that he was in a hurry to go from one of the Capitol buildings into the Capitol itself for the vote, so he accidentally pulled the fire alarm.

Here's the door he was trying to use (the alarm is on the wall to the left):

Literally anyone over the age of 5 would know not to use that door.

Not one, not two, but THREE "Emergency Exit Only" signs, two of which indicate that the ALARM WILL SOUND if the doors are opened.

99% of adults understand that you have to depress the bar on the door in order to unlock it, but that you should only do so if there is an actual emergency since the building will be evacuated and police/fireman will respond. But Bowman is apparently an idiot!

This begs the question, If January 6 defendants have been thrown in a hole for 3 years with no trial for trespassing into the Capitol to delay a vote, or given 20 year prison sentences for shaking fences that delayed a vote, what should the punishment for Jamaal Bowman be??

Turnabout is fair play!

Under the rules of his former school:

Under DC law:


Under U.S. Code:

Yes, this is why churchgoing grandmas are receiving more time than murderous gangbangers.

Under the Constitution:

I'd say pulling an alarm to stop a vote - causing an evacuation and emergency response on Capitol Hill - counts as "Breach of the Peace"!

To add to the mix is Bowman's unhinged harassment of Rep. Thomas Massie earlier this year:

Of course we all know Bowman will face no serious punishment because he is a Democrat, but let's always remember how big of hypocrites and how full of hatred these people are.

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