If you're curious what the end game of wokeness is and how to beat it, come look at the Dutch farmers rebelling against their government right now
· Jul 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This is really important – you know, on the level of "pay attention or your food supply is next."

We reported last week that Dutch farmers were attacking government vehicles, blocking roads, and dumping manure on government buildings in response to a new "climate" policy that shut down numerous family farms because their cows were farting too much.

These farmers are now banned from working their own land to feed their families.

Let me explain what's happening and why it is of the utmost importance as I randomly drop in videos of what the Dutch farmers are doing to keep your attention.

Unelected elites at the World Economic Forum, World Bank, United Nations, and BlackRock think us little people are rodents that are polluting the Earth, and that it's their job to cull us and tame us so we can follow their smartypants amazingness into what is obviously a glorious future.

These elites get corporations to fall in line by promoting "Environmental-Social-Governance" metrics (a scorecard, if you will) that shows how many woke policies a company is adopting. Do they have a climate pledge? Are they hiring based on skin color, gender, and sexual fetish? Do they fly a rainbow flag over their headquarters? Do they have at least a few dozen "equity" executives to make sure everyone is a good little Marxist?

Companies lose customers by joining this radical, perverse cult, but they get access to the trillions of dollars represented by the elites and the corrupt organizations, from the WEF to the WHO to the mega-investment firms. They don't care if you boycott them because they are expecting to simply outlast you.

The elites then get governments to fall in line by lobbying, pushing big money into local elections, and taking over school boards and classrooms to ensure good little disciples are being churned out to vote for the right people. They get young people riled up, telling them the planet is burning and that unarmed black men are yelling "Hands up, don't shoot!" while being gunned down by racist white cops in the streets. Good people watch as their cities burn and politicians bail out the rioters.

Make no mistake: The reason you are about to pay $6 a gallon for gas is because Joe Biden and the American Left has turned off our domestic production of oil, starting on Day 1 of his presidency. But we must stay the course, according to Biden advisor and BlackRock executive Brian Deese, in order to preserve "the liberal world order."

You may still roll your eyes at the idea of a shadowy globalist cabal meeting like James Bond's "Spectre" in a mountaintop lair in Switzerland, but that's literally what the annual Davos meeting is, and they aren't being coy with their objectives.

Critical Race Theory, the transgender movement, Defund The Police, and climate change are all tools in the same ESG pipeline. They are not merely slogans: They are an attempt to issue in a new religious order that will rule over your children and their children. This new Holy (Woke) Roman Empire has its own bishops and priests that will give lands and titles to a new nobility for the defense of the woke faith. These nobles will rule us serfs, dictating our station based on our social credit and our usefulness to the intersectional hierarchy.

As God and the prophet Samuel once warned the Israelites about kings, your sons will be taken to fight their wars and your daughters will be taken to work in their homes.

And when it comes to the inalienable rights of the people to grow and produce their own food on their own land, the elites will "take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards." They will take a tenth of "your grain and of your vineyards" and "flocks."

Then, we "shall be [their] slaves."

The only difference in this case is that a "tenth of your fields" is for a 30% reduction in nitrogen for the sake of Mother Earth.

But the Dutch farmers are showing us the way to beat the ninny elites at their own game. The elites think they are the rightful rulers of the planet, but if "all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights," then a small-town farmer is just as valuable and powerful in God's eyes as a Klaus Schwab-appointed politician overseeing a billion-dollar budget.

The elites must eat. As Jordan Peterson notes, we have a hyper-specialized society. Once you take out all the "little" people who do jobs FAR more essential than the bureaucrats, the bureaucrats starve. Most of them don't even remember how to do their own laundry, let alone run farms and industry and logistics. They are like military generals who have never seen battle, only studied books on tactics and "white rage" in dark rooms – men without chests who flee at the first sight of blood.

This is why the Soviet Union fell. It started with the killing of the farmers – the Kulaks – and it ended with the collectivization of farms by the government. Tens of millions of people starved. The system fell apart. The elites lingered with an impoverished nation that eventually collapsed into irrelevance.

There is a reason our grocery stores look more like Moscow in 1989 with every passing day.

So if you want to beat the fancy elitists at their own game, follow the example of the farmers...

Because this battle is coming to a state and city near you.

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