Listen to this "gay teacher" brag about how he's been asked to "tone it down" by administration and how he teaches kids to "sissy that walk"
ยท Jan 18, 2024 ยท

Out of all the videos that have come from this new TikTok trend I think this one is my least favorite. It shows us a lot about what schools have to put up with these days with teachers pushing their lifestyles on kids.

Here, give it a watch.

[Warning: Cringe]

Yeah, I don't think I'd want my young child anywhere near this dude either. So to the people who pulled their kids from his class,

Notice how admin simply told the guy to "tone it down." If you fire the guy, you're in trouble. If you keep him, he just ignores you and does what he wants all the time.

There's no way out of this if you're the school.

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