In one chart, witness the massive disconnect between what Americans are actually worried about vs. what the media want to force down our throats
· Jul 10, 2022 ·

These numbers almost seem too absurd to believe, but believe it: They're real, and they're spectacular. (Actually they're really bad but you get the point.)

Just...just amazing:

Look, not only are media priorities wildly off-base from what the rest of the public cares about, but the media's "top midterm issues" don't even break the top nine most-concerning issues facing the public!

I mean, four times as many people are "concerned" about rising gas prices compared to the number who "strongly support" LGBTQ issues, and yet the media prioritizes the latter heavily over the former.

Meanwhile, more than four times as many people are concerned about inflation compared to those "very concerned" about COVID-19.

You just have to ask our media trendsetters at this point:

But actually I think we know the answer.

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