In the same week we were suspended from Twitter, Twitter claimed that it favors rightwing voices on its platform
· Oct 26, 2021 ·

So you may have heard that we recently got banned from Twitter. What for, you ask? Oh, just for sharing a headline that simply - and, in retrospect, somewhat ironically - refers to another story about a sitting congressman getting banned from Twitter for saying that Rachel Levine is a man.

So let's get this straight. Our account was banned. For reporting that another account was banned. And the reason for the original account being banned was for suggesting that Rachel Levine - who was born a man - is a man. Which violates the rules of Newspeak, my friends.

Another day in Clown World. 🤡

But it gets even better. JUST THIS WEEK, an internal report from Twitter, Inc. was released that claims that their social media platform actually amplifies the opinions and views of rightwing politicians and news outlets. They are trying to convince you that they actually favor conservative voices on their platform, while actively shutting them down for stating trivial, factually accurate statements.

This, my friends, is what we call gaslighting. They are inventing a truth, affirming it publicly, and putting it on blast so that they can later refer to that report as evidence that they aren't suppressing conservatives. In their world, they want you to hear the opposite: that they are actually over-magnifying those voices. And they will say it over and over until you believe it. That's what we call the Illusory Truth Effect. It's a tactic they accuse conservatives of using repeatedly, but actually employ themselves to perfection. And the irony isn't lost on me. After all, the more you say something, the more people will believe you.

Even the media's headlines are carefully worded to play into the subliminal idea that there is actually a conspiracy against the left. Just look at the subtle way the following headline is crafted to make it seem like Twitter was "caught" doing something. It's chilling:

This is the same type of manipulation that the media has been attempting to craft in the wake of the recent Facebook "whistleblower" story. What this whistleblower claims, and the message the media wants you to hear from it, is that Facebook actually doesn't do enough censorship. They need more suppression, not less of it. They can't infringe on your 1st Amendment rights, but man, they can come pretty darn close in the name of "public safety."

And that's what's so crazy about this whole scenario. Not only are they actively discriminating against certain opinions and religious worldviews (pro-life, biblical marriage, etc.), they are actually pumping the news full of reports and scandals that are constructed to make it seem like the opposite is happening.

It's kinda scary.

It's a war on reason.

And we are on the front lines.

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