Indiana Pride is holding a youth carnival next month for kids 12-20 years old and parents are not allowed to attend
· May 25, 2023 ·

You guys, the Pride flag has all the colors in the world that I can think of, but the one color I find most appropriate here is the red one, cuz this has "red flag" written all over it.

Yeah man, I remember when I was younger they'd hold these youth events at church and tell you all about how dangerous it is to go experimenting with your sexuality, straight and gay alike. Now, in 2023, we've got a youth group sponsored by Indy Pride which will do the exact opposite.

Man, times have changed.

Here's the post on Facebook concerning the event:

Notice that small print at the bottom?

"Parents will be invited to participate in other activities offsite or encouraged to explore the city."

Yup, no parents allowed, y'all!!

Just throw your 12-year-old kid in there with 20-year-olds, no problem!

The group does mention that the kids will wear color-coded name tags, so at least there's that. But I'm still worried about the "no parents allowed" rule.

Like, if my kid is being taught how to explore their sexuality, I think I want to be there.

Organizers of a "Youth Carnival" sponsored by two Indiana LGBTQ+ associations and the Indianapolis Airport Authority will not allow parents to attend with their children.

According to an Instagram post by Indiana Youth Group, it is collaborating with Indy Pride to hold the carnival for "youth" ages 12 to 20 at an activity center nicknamed "The Pit" on June 7 from 1 to 6 p.m.

The event, restricted to those "youth," promises games, vendors, food, fun, and unspecified "entertainment."

Now, we'll keep a good eye on this once it happens, and I'm thinking there'll be plenty of smartphones in the house to keep us all informed as to what goes on. But when I read "entertainment" on the flyer of a Pride event I cannot help but see a couple of drag queens on stage educating these children on the LGBTQ lifestyle with the art of dance (yeah, we'll call it dance).

I really wouldn't be surprised if this happened, especially since no parents are allowed.

Speaking of not allowing parents at an event, this is the same group that held a rehousing project for LGBTQ youth which found new homes for young adults with "unsupportive" parents.

In 2020, Indiana Youth Group launched Project Prism, which it describes as a "rapid rehousing project … focused specifically on serving LGBTQ+ young adults." The group says its program rehouses LGBTQ+ young adults from "unsupportive" homes and parents.

Indiana Youth Group CEO Chris Paulsen told The Indianapolis Star that "many of these youth are homeless due to family rejection," adding: "After coming out to their families, youth are often thrown out of their homes or left feeling like they have no choice but to leave."

It wasn't clear whether Indiana Youth Group plans to use the Youth Carnival to advertise Project Prism free from parental supervision.

Yeah, I'd say this is a major red flag right here.

Parents, I suggest you hide yo kids for the entire month of June if you can.

You won't regret it.


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