Intel Bows To China And Apologizes For Asking Suppliers To Avoid Xinjiang Region To Abide By New U.S. Law

Dec 23rd

Tech giant Intel, producer of computer processing chips, has kowtowed to China and apologized for directing their suppliers to avoid the Xinjiang region of China due to a new law signed by the Biden White House.

The law was put in place to prevent companies from using slave labor in China's Xinjiang region where Uyghur Muslims are forced into concentration camps to make cheap goods.

When Intel tried to comply with the new law, China struck back and said that the forced labor referenced in the law was a "complete lie".

So, you guessed it, Intel apologized to China.

From CBS:

"Intel Corp. apologized Thursday for asking suppliers to avoid sourcing goods from Xinjiang after the world's biggest chipmaker joined other foreign brands that face the fury of state media over complaints of abuses by the ruling Communist Party in the mostly Muslim region.

Intel's request was "arrogant and vicious," said Global Times, a newspaper published by the ruling party.

The reference to Xinjiang in a letter to suppliers was aimed at complying with U.S. regulations, Intel said on its social media account. Washington has barred imports of goods from Xinjiang over complaints of mass detentions, forced abortions and forced labor, which Beijing denies...

The letter caused "concerns among our cherished Chinese partners, which we deeply regret," said an Intel statement.

"We apologize for the trouble caused to our respected Chinese customers, partners and the public," the company said."

So, we can see who's still running the show for these big corporations. China says "jump" and they say "how high?"

It doesn't matter that these companies are based in the United States, they will find a way to circumvent US law if that's what it takes to continue these practices in China.

To even acknowledge that China uses forced labor is enough to warrant an apology.

These corporations are absolutely spineless.

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