Ireland's Agriculture Department considers fighting climate change by killing 200,000 cows
· Jun 5, 2023 ·

Climate activists will tell you that you're evil for enjoying a cheeseburger and then turn around and say there are too many cows on the planet and we need to kill hundreds of thousands in order to cut emissions.

That's actually a proposal that's being considered in Ireland, where the country is committed to cutting climate emissions. If that means slaughtering countless cows for no reason other than to fight the sun monster, so be it.

According to the Irish Mirror, a report that proposed slaughtering 200,000 heads of cattle was not policy and was simply one of the proposed solutions to climate emissions goals.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine said: "The Paper referred to was part of a deliberative process – it is one of a number of modelling documents considered by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and is not a final policy decision.

"As part of the normal work of Government Departments, various options for policy implementation are regularly considered."

You know, when we slaughter a cow it's for the purpose of feeding people. But this is just a modernized version of mass animal sacrifice to appease the sun god of climate change.

With farming emissions continuing to rise and a 25% emissions reduction target in the sector by 2030 the industry and leaders must come up with a plan to reduce the sector's environmental impact.

A Food Vision Dairy Group report, published last October outlined an "urgent need to address the negative environmental impacts associated with dairy expansion".

So, the model drawn up for the government was to just kill off about 10% of the cows in Ireland. Other proposals, you'll recall, simply advocate for making the cows wear masks to catch their burps.

Anyways, who needs cows? According to our moral betters, we should just kill them all and start eating bugs anyways.

Anything to satisfy the appetite of the sun monster.


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