It's good to be the Climate Czar! John Kerry's family jet has taken 16 trips this year.
· Aug 5, 2021 ·

The best way to save Mother Gaia from impending doom is to shun all of modernity and live in a cave without selfish things like clean water, refrigeration, or electricity.

Unless you're the esteemed Climate Czar John Kerry, however – then you can fly all over the world to tell people how evil they are for not recycling that Coke bottle last week (you know who you are).

It really is amazing how much privilege and profit there is these days in selling environmental doom.

In addition to Kerry's official travel, check out how much his family jet has flown this year:

In total, the private jet tied to President Biden's point person in the effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions took 16 flights since January — raising questions about how much his family contributed to the problem.

Many of these flights occurred within Massachusetts, including Martha's Vineyard and Boston International Airport. At least two flights took place between Massachusetts and New Jersey.

A spokesperson for Kerry told Fox News: "Secretary Kerry travels commercially or via military air in his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate."

Kerry wasn't on any of these flights according to a spokesman – they were presumably for family and friends – but he has flown on plenty of private charters before his role as climate high priest.

Earlier this year, footage surfaced in which Kerry defended flying via private jet to receive an environmental award in Iceland in 2019. He called flying private "the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle."

How humble! How austere! This brave man right here... be still my beating heart!

I mean, if John Kerry didn't have a high-speed jet to travel around and accept awards, the "battle" for the Earth would already be lost!

Private jets have been estimated to emit upward of 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial flights.

Kerry has said he offsets his emissions, although it's unclear how. Flight logs indicated that his family's private jet spent over 20 hours in the air from February of last year to January — culminating in an estimated 116 metric tons of carbon emissions.

For comparison, a March 2018 report from Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. That calculation assumed a car that drives around 11,500 miles per year with a fuel economy of about 22.0 miles per gallon.

That's right. Kerry is expelling as much carbon in a year as your family uses in 25 years, but per the edicts of the Climate Cult, you should still feel guilty about driving that gas minivan (you know who you are).

Keep it up, our valiant czar! Only you can win the battle to save goddess Gaia from our sins!

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