It's tempting to mock the people sending their dogs on this bus to school like they're kids, but after watching the videos, I just want to go too.
· Dec 3, 2023 ·

A video about a bus driving around picking up dogs is making the rounds on social media, and while it's cute and all, my initial reaction was to make fun of these dog owners for acting like their canines are children.

Then there are all the people wishing they could get a job like the bus driver.

They all would love to spend their day driving around picking up puppies happy to see them and drive them off to dog school or doggy daycare or wherever they're going.

Those go on like that forever.

And again, my first reaction is to mourn our societal collapse, as people systematically mistake the joys of parenthood with the joys of pet ownership.

But my curiosity was piqued.

Where was the puppy bus going?

Dog school?

Doggie daycare?

The fire hydrant store?

So, I dug a little deeper and uncovered the source of the viral video.

The company is called Mo Mountain Mutts. It's based in Alaska. And these dogs are not going to any ritzy urban moms' doggie daycare, they're heading into the Alaskan wilderness to embrace their inner beast.

And Mo, the owner, is a real deal mountain matron ready for any eventuality.

Seriously, any outing that requires bear spray is serious business.

My money says that all those folks pining away for a job driving a bus like this wouldn't last a week doing what Mo does off the bus.

They'd be bear food for certain.

But now, instead of wanting to mock this whole scenario, I want to go play with dogs in the Alaskan wilderness and spray grizzly bears with bear mace, while the dogs fight it like Copper in The Fox and the Hound!

I guess the social media folks have me here.

It's a dream job.

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