James Lindsay Dropped This Must-Read Mega-Thread If You Want To Know How To Defeat Woke Marxism
· Jun 15, 2022 · NottheBee.com

If you've read this site before, you know that we are always on the lookout for wokeness and postmodern Marxists.

The ideology has infiltrated all levels of society and it has been largely unopposed until very recently.

James Lindsay is on the cutting edge of the fight against Woke Marxism and he just dropped a massive Twitter thread explaining how to fight back against this new enemy.

Buckle up and let's jump in to the rest of it. I've put it in paragraph form so the website doesn't crash with a billion Twitter embeds with this level of wisdom.

Woke Marxism must be fed to operate. It cannot feed itself because it doesn't produce. Therefore, its sources of nourishment have to be cut off. These include funding streams, accumulated resources, and manipulations of your capital for its ends.

Wherever possible, remove funding and public moral/cultural support for Woke Marxist initiatives. Don't find DEI, refuse consultancy shakedowns, refuse to support their initiatives, don't say they have best intentions even when the idiots implementing it for them might.

Take back accumulated resources. This is mostly accomplished by suing them, targeted capital hits like against Disney, etc. Stop donating to universities. Pull kids out of schools. Refuse tainted federal, state, and corporate money. Dig your own wells and stop watering with Woke.

Attack ESG and the passive investment scam and cartel it enables relentlessly. That's only happening because big index fund managers are leveraging your pensions, in the trillions, betting them against your future. End it. Make its worst abuses a felony.

Dismantle and abolish Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) which is purposely designed to provide a wellspring of activists out of your kids. They're stealing your retirements and your kids to leverage them against your life. Destroy ESG and SEL. People need to go to prison.

Woke Marxism has an incredible advantage over static, passive institutions and domains. It colonizes bare but nutrient-rich soil, if you will. Think of it like an invasive weed growing on scarred earth or pushing its way into established ecosystems. Deal with it as such.

The meek will inherit the Earth is true. Be meek. Don't rise to rash anger but don't fail as a steward and always take necessary action. You wouldn't just let poison ivy take over your back yard. You'd eradicate and remove it, even if you get the rash. Don't forget that.

The Woke can't colonize land where things are strong and healthy and where people are good stewards. Don't let them grow over you or your institutions. Pull the weeds. Fire them. Dig them out. Replace them with healthier values that crowd them out and protect the soil.

We've let them overrun the available land, which was well tended. Take it back. They also scar the land so they can grow where something else was (BLM riots, anyone? failing schools and cities under their policies?). We must guard it. Rooftop Koreans are an inspiration here.

They're an extreme example, in one sense, but their lesson is that if the watchmen on the wall. Stand up. Be vigilant. Uproot existing Woke Marxism where you can. Weed it out as it starts so it can't take root. Stewardship is crucial. They want to steal and pillage your gardens.

Cut down the tangled vines of the Woke Marxists wherever you see them. Get your axes. Satire. Criticism. Shame them with it. Lay bare their plans. Mock their absurdity. Pass laws and sue to cut into their agendas. Clear the thickets so you can find the roots and restore.

Also, expose them everywhere you can. Expose and shame. Expose and embarrass them. Shedding light on them by clinging to what they're doing until you can expose it is necessary. Think of Project Veritas and @libsoftiktok here. Show, don't tell. Expose, don't complain.

The most potent weapon here, though, is to force them to burn through the goodwill they're abusing. Get them to accelerate. Expose that too. Pass policy and make media work for us to force them to double-down on terrible things, drag, control, furries, grooming, discrimination...

Read their program white papers and literature and shed light on it. Force them to own their evil by making them double down. They always will, and they'll burn themselves out in their own pyre.

Do all of this and wait. Meekness. We must outlast their provocations, especially now when they're starting to lose and getting desperate and dangerous. Hit them and outlast them. People will start to flip. Encourage it with temporary amnesty. We can win. We must win!




We have been passive and defensive for far too long. There are evil forces at work and we absolutely must fight back.

Don't allow the woke mob to take one more inch.

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