Jim Jordan: "AMAZON FILES" show White House pressured tech giant to censor books contradicting admin's positions ๐Ÿ˜‘
ยท Feb 6, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Remember how lefties keep saying conservatives are banning books when they complain about sexual content in elementary schools?

What about using the power of the presidency to pressure the world's largest book distributor to remove books the regime doesn't like??

Just more evidence that you don't actually live in a free country and that the government isn't actually bound by the Constitution as long as they outsource their will to "private companies."

We've seen the Twitter Files and Facebook Files. Now we have the Amazon Files which demonstrate how the White House used its position to pressure Amazon to violate the 1st Amendment.

Here's an internal Amazon email from March, 2021, right after Biden took office. They were feeling the pressure from the White House and wanted to know just how much censorship Biden was asking for.

They wanted to know if they were supposed to hide search results or remove books completely. The books were apparently on a list of speech the government wished to ban.

The same folks who pressured Facebook also worked over Amazon:

The White House would search for certain terms like "vaccine" and then sent emails to Amazon to let them know they didn't like the search results, and pressured Amazon to change them.

No, really. That's what happened!!!

Amazon let people look at whatever books they wanted AND they didn't slap that annoying CDC warning to let people know that the book contradicted what the government wants you to think!

Amazon didn't give in right away. As this email states, they were worried that it would be too obvious and they'd be criticized in conservative media.

They had to violate free speech on behalf of the government more covertly.

Amazon had just banned Ryan T. Anderson's "When Harry Became Sally," a book opposing the trans-ing of kids. So they didn't want any more negative press.

In general, Amazon frustrated the Biden Admin because they wouldn't fall in line as fast as the social media platforms. Further emails show that Amazon did push back only because they thought being a retail platform, they should have less control over what their customers consume.

Amazon and the White House Counsel met in March 2021 to "discuss" the web retailer's fight against misinformation.

If you know what I mean.

The "meeting" was successful for the Biden Admin.

We don't know what took place in this meeting, but Amazon backed down. I don't know what threats were issued, but Amazon was afraid and immediately started to downgrade books that the regime opposed.

Is the First Amendment dead??

Jordan promises this will be continued as more Amazon Files are going to drop sometime in the future.

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