Jimmy Fallon mocks Oklahoma state senator for proposed porn ban. Yeah, it's as cringe as you'd think.
· Feb 2, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Jimmy Fallon continues to be about as funny and charismatic as a wet paper bag.

This time the late-night show's target is Christian Conservative Dusty Deevers.

[Warning: He jokes about porn and sexting and it's pretty gross but this went out on national TV]

The joke is that "everyone" looks at porn and if this guy is trying to ban it then he has to be the biggest porn enjoyer out there and some kind of closet pervert.

Get it? Because anyone who opposes something is automatically guilty of that thing!

Plus Jimmy Fallon's writers all like porn so bearded Christian man bad™!

Yeah, the audience didn't even find the joke funny.

If you want to know more about Deever's ban and the pea-brained objections to it, we've covered it here in the past.

The good news?

Dusty Deever's common sense anti-pornography position is getting an insane amount of national exposure!

And Dusty is aware of it. He posted this last night after Fallon's attack.

The regime REALLY wants young men pornified and weak. So they're pulling out the big guns.

Just stay strong and faithful, the world will hate you and God will bless you.

Keep fighting the good fight, Dusty!

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