Joe Biden straight up HELD HANDS with Argentina's first lady for a creepily long time
· Jun 9, 2022 ·

Joe Biden delivered yet another classic, creepy moment while at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

🚨Cringe Alert! 🚨

The strange moment in which Biden takes the hand of the girlfriend of Argentine President Alberto Fernández and does not let go; then he starts touching her again.

Here's the play by play:

  • Dr. Jill and Joe greet Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez and first lady Fabiola Yañez.
  • Dr. Jill and Alberto greet and hug each other while Fabiola and Joe shake hands.
  • Fabiola and Joe finish their handshake. They release each other's hands, but only for a moment!
  • Joe immediately reaches back and holds Fabiola's hand for over 10 seconds straight while watching Dr. Jill and Alberto talk. (I actually timed it with a stopwatch⏱)
  • Eventually, Fabiola lets go of Joe's hand. (Who knows how long they would've been holding hands if she didn't let go?)
  • Alberto says something to Dr. Jill and Joe. In response to whatever Alberto said, Joe places his hand on Fabiola's left arm.

This guy!

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