Journalism student delivers more than news — caught punching, kicking Trump supporters at DC rally

Nov 18th

Media and journalism personalities (again, we keep using terms like these so loosely) have been verbally assaulting and accosting Trump and his supporters for the better part of four years now.

This past weekend, one of their aspiring own — a journalism student at Howard University, BLM activist, and self proclaimed freelance journalist who runs her own magazine — decided she wanted them to feel the sting of the political press a little more literally.

So she took to the streets of DC this weekend to literally beat up several marchers. One of them was already unconscious on the ground.

I guess that's the new literal, journalistic version of the exclamation mark at the end of a sentence or something.

Andy Ngô reports she's been identified as 29 year-old Brittany S. McAllister. She has not yet been arrested, but is currently one of several suspects caught on tape and wanted by the Metro Police.

And we thought one of the primary tenets of journalism is to report the story, not be the story. But then this is 2020, and all the rules have now morphed into some bizarre Twilight Zone version of themselves.

How long will it be before the Merriam-Webster online dictionary redefines the word journalist as "someone whose selfless commitment to their truth drives them to becoming part of the story in an effort to support and promote the veracity of their own narrative?"

All that said, it sounds like President Trump has already found a way to deal with her (and all other journalist students, too), as exclusively, truthfully and factually reported by The Babylon Bee:


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