Journalists like Jim Acosta are now just publicly admitting the media's plan is to take it easy on Biden.
· Dec 29, 2020 ·

You gotta love this.

It's just so wild how unashamedly partisan the mainstream media is. We all knew it, but under Trump's administration, it was made all the more obvious.

But this piece in The Atlantic takes the cake for unabashed honesty about media bias and it comes straight from the mouths of the journalists who got the weepiest whenever Trump would accuse them of being fake news.

If you are looking for a story about journalists congratulating other journalists for making themselves the center of the story instead of, ya know, being journalists, then you'll really enjoy this.

The craziest bit is was when Jim Acosta, who also serves as president of the Jim Acosta fan club, just couldn't help himself and ends up admitting that the press is planning to go easy on Joe Biden.

This is from the article,

The drama has made him famous, but Acosta said he doesn't expect to bring the same crusading style to his coverage of the next administration. "I don't think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must-see TV in a contrived way," he said.

Is it just me or is that a tacit admission that the press sought to "whip up" Trump "in a contrived way" to create "must-see TV"? Also, isn't it kind of taboo for a journalist to confess openly to having a double-standard?

No? We just don't care anymore?

Then there's Daniel Dale, former correspondent for the Toronto Star, who likewise felt no shame in admitting the plan to treat the Biden administration with kid gloves.

"It will not be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job to fact-check Biden," he told me. Though he stressed that the same "intensity and rigor" should be applied to the incoming president, the simple reality is that Biden doesn't lie nearly as often as Trump does.

Wow, sounds like they are going to be taking it easy on the fact-checking. Full vacation mode engaged!

That's good that these journalists are going to get a break. They deserve it. Because, as they never tire of reminding us, these poor, poor reporters have been treated really meanly by that big bad orange man!

But don't worry, they won't be taking it too easy. There's still crusading to be done against that great and terrifying bogeyman, "disinformation."

Consequently, Dale hopes to spend more time debunking online disinformation and digging into claims made by congressional leaders.

They'll just turn away from holding the president accountable and instead turn their attention to "debunking online disinformation."

We all know what that is code for: Shepherding the zeitgeist and going after anyone that does not conform to The Approved Narrative™

I guess, thanks for the honesty?

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