Joy Reid went on a Twitter rant calling Republicans a "strange, strange" party full of sexual predators and people had some reminders for her
· May 28, 2021 ·

If there's a single incident in American politics that red-pilled me more than all else, it was the travesty that was the Kavanaugh hearing.

On one side, I heard people say that we should follow proper due process and not make a public circus out of a Senate hearing.

On the other side, I heard people say that Kavanaugh was of course a criminal because MSNBC said so and also he's a conservative.

Joy Reid, one of the latter, went on a huge Twitter rant late Thursday night to slam Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and call Republicans a "strange, strange political party" filled with sexual predators.

Here it is in all its screeching glory:

This rant, however, brought up a few legitimate questions for Reid.

You know, like why she only supports allegations against people she hates and not people like Joe Biden.

Although multiple women have made allegations against Biden, the most well known is former staffer Tara Reade, who certainly has evidence of her claim – including the time her mom called Larry King's show in 1993 to talk about the assault.

Reid and other media pundits have refused to cover that story, however.

People were quick to point out the double standard, sending Reade's name trending:

The media is far too busy telling us Biden's ice cream preferences to do actual fair reporting:

Tara Reade also responded directly:

Let me be clear: I have no idea if Reade's allegations are true.

I'm not a rich media clown, however, who is continuously painting my political opponents as sexual predators while completely ignoring any allegations against people I like.

Don't take Joy Reid or any other talking heads seriously when they say they represent the side of sanity and truth.


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