JUST RELEASED: Here's the full list of what the FBI took from Trump
· Sep 2, 2022 · NottheBee.com

For you internet sleuths:

More from The Post Millennial:

33 items were listed as part of Exhibit A, with an accounting of what was contained within each item. Of those 33 boxes, 16 had documents that were labeled Secret, Top Secret, or Confidential, while the remaining 17 boxes contained either personal items, such as gifts or books, government documents without classification labels, or press materials, such as newspapers and magazines.

In total, 54 documents were seized labeled Secret, 18 documents seized labeled Top Secret, and another 31 documents that were labeled Confidential. An additional 12,853 items were either documents or photographs that were not classified or research materials, such as newspapers, magazines or other media files.

Details of what specifically was contained in any of those documents was not revealed. Additional items seized include empty folders, gifts, and books.

Considering how Joe Biden went full Dark Brandon in his blood-red speech against Independence Hall last night, how long do you think before something on this list is used for his administration to arrest his predecessor?

WWIII is gonna be crazy!

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