Justin Trudeau is now up to using 11 characters in the never-ending alphabet gender game 🤡 🤣
· Oct 5, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Fun fact: There will never be enough letters, numbers, or symbols to appease every identity group in the intersectional woke machine.

He's trying to talk about something serious here. There have been historical abuses of native peoples. There are high murder rates in Indigenous communities.

Of course, Trudeau is trying to link the homicide rates in Indigenous communities to the [checks notes] sexual agenda.

He's also trying to imply, as a profoundly white woke man, that these murders are at the hands of evil white supremacist colonizers.

The only solution, of course, is a quick injection of socialism to make everything right as rain!

But by using a nonsensical acronym, he completely clowns himself and the issue at hand.


At least Trudeau is young enough to remember all the characters most of the time. Joe Biden would need four hours and a cheat-sheet to get through that mouthful!

If Trudeau were really woke, he would know this acronym will be highly outdated in just two years when he will be expected to use 84 characters because it is the #CurrentYear.

Oh, and as for those murder rates? They are largely due to Indigenous individuals killing other Indigenous individuals. In fact, the homicide rate on native land is more than 6 times higher than the rest of Canada.

That doesn't line up with the racist and divisive "white people bad" narrative though, so he's stuck posting empty and stupid nonsense like this that cheapens serious issues.

I can't believe you Canadians re-elected this guy!

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