Kamala's trip to Ukraine to prevent WW3 went about exactly as you'd expect 🤦‍♂️
· · Feb 21, 2022 · NottheBee.com

She really has no clue what's she's talking about, even with all the briefings her staff try to give her...

Yeah, Kamala's trip was awkward. She wasn't on the same page as either Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy or U.S. intelligence.

Zelenskyy pushed hard for aggressive sanctions against Russia right now, and blasted NATO for its lukewarm response to the threat:

"We will defend our land with or without the support of partners," he said. "Whether they give us hundreds of modern weapons or 5,000 helmets. We appreciate any help, but everyone should understand that these are not charitable contributions … These are not noble gestures for which Ukraine should bow low. This is your contribution to the security of Europe and the world."

In other words, Ukraine's going full Thermopylae:

Then there was Kamala, who spouted off platitudes about "unity" in contrast to Zelenskyy's words:

NYT's Roger Cohen and David Sanger note, "Mr. Zelensky's remarks contrasted with Vice President KAMALA HARRIS's portrayal earlier in the day of a united and vigorous NATO alliance that had shown its resolve at a time when Europe's security was under ‘direct threat.'"

In talking with reporters for a mere 16 minutes, she then got "tangled in her answers." Let me remind you that this article is from leftist Politico, not some right-wing media outlet:

Harris got tangled in her answers. "The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence," she said. "But let's also recognize the unique nature of the sanctions that we have outlined. These are some of the greatest sanctions, if not the strongest that we've ever issued, as I articulated yesterday. It is directed at institutions — in particular, financial institutions — and individuals, and it will exact absolute harm for the Russian economy. And their government."

A reporter pressed her: "But if Putin has made up his mind, do you feel that this threat that has been looming is really going to deter him?"

"Absolutely," Harris said.

But that answer contradicts repeated American predictions that Putin has already decided to invade.

"As the president has said," Harris told reporters just minutes after saying the threat of sanctions will deter Putin, "we believe that Putin's made his decision. Period."

She really isn't good at this stuff, is she?

Turns out, when you choose someone entirely for their XX chromosomes and skin color to earn Woke Points™, it doesn't make that person anywhere near qualified to handle international tensions and/or World War 3!

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