Kari Lake's team spent all night arguing with The Babylon Bee and it was a sight to behold
· Apr 13, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Kari Lake said a few things about abortion that raised some eyebrows last week, so The Bee took aim at her and did what The Bee does to everyone.


Literally what The Bee does to everyone.

But some people don't like it when you make jokes about them. Time after time, they get on their high horses and decide that actually, this time, it wasn't real satire. Then they declare a duel to the death over the offense.

It never works out for them, but that didn't stop the Kari Lake campaign team from trying!!

Kari Lake Squad: "The most disgusting thing is this joke."


But that wasn't all. Kari Lake's team went to war in the comments!

Man, I did not have "Bill Kristol supporting The Babylon Bee against Kari Lake" on my 2024 Bingo card but I am here for it.

Lake's supporters then tried to claim this was an attack on Donald Trump:

"tHe bAbyLoN bEE hAtEs DoNaLD tRuMP!" yell the people who know absolutely nothing.

Having thoroughly painted a glowing red target on their backs, The Bee's EIC, Kyle Mann, couldn't resist firing off a return salvo.

"Satire is only valid if I think it's funny!"

At this point, a wise campaign team would know that arguing with the comedians and the trolls is probably a losing fight, but this team was convinced they could do what no one has done before.

That reply right there is worthy of one of the two Last Jedi memes that are actually worth sharing.

You can go read the comments for yourself if you need a laugh.

Kari Lake's team at this point:

No one knows what happened to Kari Lake's War Room. Some say they are still out there, searching through books of dark magic for a comeback spell that will save face. Some say they wander the moors at night, looking for victims who disagree with a single policy point.

As for me, I think there's a bundle of corn cobs out there rolling in the wind.

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