Ibram 🤡 Kendi: "Even what we consider to be crime is highly racialized"

Jul 21st

Ibram X. Kendi tends to have a lot of trouble with definitions.

Kendi recently said "even what we consider to be violence, even what we consider to be crime is highly racialized," and is "historically based on race and power."

This is true to form for the Clown Prince of Anti-Racism. He couldn't even define racism without sounding like an elementary student. So why should we expect better when he's asked about crime?

Vox co-founder Ezra Klein had Kendi on his podcast show. Klein served what he probably thought was an alley-oop pass for Kendi to slam dunk.

"I think everything in our history should lead you to believe that we created what the sociologists call or the criminologists call criminogenic conditions in Black communities," Klein said.

FYI: "Criminogenic conditions" is just some fancy-schmancy way of saying conditions "producing or tending to produce crime or criminals."

Klein is just following the "systemic racism" script all the Liberals, Leftists, and Wokies (like Kendi) have followed for years. However, Kendi swatted Klein's pass rather than jam it in the basket.

"I don't know if I necessarily agree with scholars who make the case that Black communities have criminogenic conditions. And the reason I'm saying this is because what is criminalized has historically been based on race and power and even how certain criminalized or decriminalized acts have also been racialized," Kendi said.

"[E]ven what we consider to be violence, even what we consider to be crime is highly racialized. And therefore, what neighborhoods we consider to be criminal-like and dangerous becomes highly racialized."

I'm not sure why Kendi would have a problem with everything being "based on race and power," that's what his grift is all about.

HE is the one who wants everything to be about race and power.

Notice he does not offer a proper definition of what should be considered a crime. That's what Critical Race Theory (CRT) does. It always destroys and never builds.

Also, notice he does not provide historical substantiation for his claim, even though he said, "what is criminalized has historically been based on race and power."

"I do think there's a concerted backlash from people who recognize that this time last year a growing number of Americans were either speaking out against racism or growing an awareness of the problem of racism," Kendi said.

"That growing awareness has put a spotlight on certain policies and certain ideas and even certain people who have been facilitating systemic racism."

What if people's "growing awareness of the problem of racism" is ALSO "based on race and power" and is "highly racialized"? How does Kendi distinguish between what's right and what's wrong?

The point is Kendi can't know if his ideas are wrongfully "based on race and power" or "highly racialized." He can't know because he doesn't have a meaningful standard to determine right and wrong. That's why he's unable to define terms like "racism" and "crime" consistently and truthfully.

All Kendi ever does is interpret the world through race and power in his echo chamber, rather than consider what Our Creator defines as right and wrong.

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