Kimposter! This Kim Jong-Un Lookalike Just Crashed An Australian Election Campaign

May 13th

The trollery of this guy is absolutely off the charts.

So, there's an election event happening in Melbourne, where Prime Minister Scott Morrison was hosting liberal politician Gladys Liu – and then this dude who looks just like Kim Jong-Un busts in, alleging to be the dictator himself, and "endorses" the leftist politician.

From the AP:

The impersonator, who later identified himself by the stage name Howard X, started talking to gathered media.

"Thank you very much. Gladys Liu is the communist candidate for Australia," he said, before he was interrupted by an aide to Morrison.

The dude dressed as the most infamous commie dictator alive today in order to call this lefty politician a commie herself.

Well done Mr. X.

Well done indeed.

"Excuse me, you are going to have to leave. This is the most offensive thing I have ever seen in a campaign," said the aide, Nick Creevey.

The impersonator responded: "Excuse me, you don't tell the supreme leader what to do. I support Gladys Liu."

The impersonator left the Melbourne venue soon after.

"You don't tell the supreme leader what to do!"

This guy is an absolute Chad.

The disruption appeared to have been orchestrated in part by longshot Queensland State senate candidate Drew Pavlou, who said on social media that he was good friends with Howard X and it was "one of the best things we have ever managed."

Pavlou had earlier claimed in posts that Liu had defended China's leadership and had ties to the regime. Pavlou described himself as a "young larrikin" who thought the election was boring and needed more excitement.

This troll candidate, likely, got his troll friend to go and crash this candidate's party because of her ties to the Chi-Comms.

You just have to admire this level of commitment to a joke.

This wasn't the first joke, however. Yes, Howard X is a fairly well known Kim Jong-Un impersonator.

Howard X is well known for his impersonation of Kim Jong Un. In 2018, he was detained and questioned when he arrived in Singapore days before a summit between the North Korean leader and U.S. President Donald Trump. His real name is Lee Howard Ho Wun.

Media reported the impersonator was being interviewed by police on Friday.

His impression was so convincing that the police had to detain him.

You just have to admire this level of trollery!

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