Last night, Elon went LIVE at the US-Mexico border and saw the crisis for himself. Check it out.
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Elon Musk himself visited Eagle Pass, Texas, a hotbed of illegal immigration where THOUSANDS of illegal aliens come across every single day.

Musk posted a couple of live videos from the border (here and here), and then discussed the realities of living on the border with Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales, the mayor of Eagle Pass, and two Texas sheriffs:

Elon wanted to make it clear that this video and his visit were explicitly for the uninformed, for the average American who knows nothing of the crisis because the media refuses to report on it.

One sheriff said this has been happening for just over two years now, essentially from the moment Biden took over the White House.

This exchange (right at the 4:00 minute mark) is extremely important:

Elon: The fact that we are seeing all-time highs in illegal processing and that ramp is increasing. So, these are really important point. I think it's not necessarily clear to the public, is this normal? Or are we seeing an accelerating crisis?

Gonzales: It's not getting better. It's getting worse. Last Friday, a week ago, was a historic number, 11,000 people that came over. And then on Monday that number incrreased. Today is Thursday and that number increased. We're only going in the wrong direction. This is a week, what happens two weeks from now?

At the 5:12 mark, Elon asked another crucial question.

Elon: And just to quantify it, you said 2,000 a day, just in this location, so that's like over 700,000 a year. 700,000 illegal immigrants a year. Just in this one location.... That's higher than the population of Wyoming, just FYI.

In one year, the tiny town of Eagle Pass lets through an entire new state worth of people.

Gonzales then explained that across the entire border, the unprocessed "got-aways" may double to 5 million yearly illegal entries.

At 6:25 in the video, Gonzales, Musk, and the sheriff debunk a common misconception among the average uninformed voter, that most illegal immigrants are Mexicans:

Gonzales: It's not just one part of the world either. It's all parts of the world that are coming.

Elon: I think that's actually an important point to make. Because sometimes people think, "well, people just come from Mexico" but this is not the case. The reality is that this is an open border for all of earth. You know, there's roughly 350 million people in the US, but there's 8 billion people on earth. This is an open border to 8 billion people. In fact, I believe it's a minority, it's a small percentage, who are actually coming from Mexico.

The sheriff then pointed out that it's rare to actually see Mexican immigrants. These are people all over the world, traveling through Mexico to get to the United States.

Around 8:30 they get into the fact that there's no repatriation AT ALL, meaning they don't turn anyone back at the border. Gonzales claims that the Biden administration is the first to ever behave this way. Obama, Clinton, Trump, Bush? They'd all turn illegals away and send them back. According to Gonzales, Biden doesn't do that. So word gets out and you see the increases day by day.

The sheriffs also talked about the devastation for Texas border cities. Hospitals are overrun, vehicles are stolen, property like farmland and farm equipment are destroyed, and entire cities are overrun.

But the word "invasion" is still too strong, I guess.

After his trip, Elon posted a few of his additional thoughts about the border crisis.

But Elon had a hopeful message as well. He wants to encourage everyday people to do the same for other issues and become citizen journalists (preferably on X).

He launches rockets, he saves free speech, he's pro-human, and now he wants to stop the border invasion.

It kind of makes you wish he could run for president!

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