Last week, Atlanta sent a SWAT team to take down the perp who painted a swastika on an LGBT crosswalk. The media didn't report on the perp's background for some reason.
· · Aug 24, 2022 ·

Last week, a criminal painted a Nazi swastika over an Atlanta rainbow crosswalk meant to symbolize solidarity with the LGBT movement.

It immediately made international headlines:

The police finally tracked down and arrested the guy allegedly responsible using a SWAT team.

And yet any descriptors of the perp seemed absent from outlets like CNN, which up until that very moment had cared deeply about this small act of local vandalism on a random street.

There's no description of the perp at all.

I guess you'd have to read other outlets to get that information, which seems rather important, since people were calling this an act of white supremacist hate.

Since outlets like CNN have told us how the U.S. is deeply infected with white supremacy in all our institutions, I would expect they would want to make an example of this person!

CNN: "Whoops, let's just let that story die."

Even Fox News didn't cover the perp's full background, however.

Pretty much no one in the entire journalistic establishment that rushed to make this big news cared to dive into the man's motive for reportedly committing the crime.

Why don't they care?

Why does it fall to random journalists like Andy Ngo to do 10-minute social media searches?

[Warning: Language Ahead]

From Ngo's article, here are some things he recently wrote online:

"De Facto World Ruler every jurisdiction and municipality every inch, is a street N — a," he wrote on July 2. "We master race Adam & Eve was black."

"Dem white folks brought us to America for a reason, so we can blood slattt them (sic). And my folks native American," he wrote on Aug. 15. On another post days earlier, he wrote: "Why are they killing and mistreating black people [we're] kings and queens." He followed it up with a warning: "We finna turn guns on you guys."

That's right. We have a guy who believes he is part of the master race, who regularly trains with AR-15s and says he's going to "turn guns on" other races, and who painted a Nazi swastika on an LGBT crosswalk.

What would you call such a person?

Right now, the story has practically died and jail records show Mr. Simpson hasn't been charged with a hate crime.

Anyone want to wager whether that would be the same if his skin were a little lighter?

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