Lauren Boebert wished that Joe Biden's "days be few" in a church service and the Left lost its ever-loving mind
· · Feb 7, 2023 ·

Talk about igniting a firestorm:



I'm gonna put on my biblical exegesis cap for a moment and say that it's in poor taste to joke about the demise of leaders, even if you believe they are bad ones. Joe Biden is not only in contradiction to the teachings of the Bible on issues like abortion and marriage, but he actively uses his power to crush those who try to hold faithful to God's commands. Beyond that, his life demonstrates no fruit to indicate that he knows Christ. What awaits him, unless he turns to God, is an eternal fate apart from his Creator. We should be praying for his heart to be rent long before we pray for his removal from office.

That said, this was a joke.

(Which the Left can't stand!)

She didn't even say she wished him dead, just that his time in office would be short.

Look at the way lefties responded:

It gets worse:

Wow. A lot to unpack there. So apparently believing that the Son of God died to atone for our wrongs is a "blood sacrifice," but Sam Smith getting fondled by women while dressed as Satan is only logical.

Yeah, somehow I don't think that someone making a joke about an old man passing away before he does more damage to his nation is the same as aborting millions of children each year, destroying liberties and freedom of conscience, raiding pro-life fathers at gunpoint, taking nuns to court, butchering and grooming children in a sex cult, and actively promoting a religion that cuts God entirely out of the public square. Methinks you need to read the Bible again.

You got something against imprecatory Psalms, my bro?

(Tell me you've never talked with a Christian without telling me you've never talked to a Christian.)

This is the same crowd that laughed when Kathy Griffin held up a bloody head of Donald Trump.

This is the same crowd that hurls obscene insults at family men like Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis, comparing them to Hitler and the devil.

So cry me a river, lefties: Your hypocrisy ain't foolin' anyone here.


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